Friday, January 11, 2013

Delizioso Magazine.

This past July, Annarita, editor of Lotus Publishing, contacted me and asked if I had any unpublished cake photographs she could feature in a cake issue of their Italian magazine, Delizioso. I did not have any, but that did not mean I was going to turn this amazing opportunity down. I told Annarita that I would create a cake inspired by feminine, romantic, provencal and shabby chic style of the company's magazines.

With the generosity and help from Ashley Bee Photography and Fleuretica, in a little over a week, I had these files in hand...

Please click on the images for a bigger view. 

A big bear hug and THANK YOU to the wonderful teams at Ashley Bee Photography and Fleuretica. Special thanks to Annarita for another memory made!


  1. so very beautiful - just love the roses in the drawer - how magical!

  2. This is one of the prettiest scenes I've ever seen! You did an amazing job with this! What a great opportunity too. I think if I showed this to my friend she would be inspired to change her whole wedding's gorgeous. I want to have a tea party with this set-up!