Saturday, May 5, 2012

Martha's Cake.

My close friends know that Martha was and is my hero.

Growing up, while most my peers were busy watching reality television shows and reading tabloids, I was busy watching the Food Network and reading Martha Stewart magazines. Our keen interests in, and passion for, cakes, food, crafts, color, flowers, weddings and all things beautiful and wonderful, were shared. Simply put, Martha and I spoke the same language. I was such a "domestic goddess" (according to friends that is) and a homebody that my friends frequently joked I was a middle-aged homemaker of the 50's/60's stuck in the body of a modern-day teen.

When Shira of MS Weddings contacted me asking to create a cake for the blog this past February, I snorted, laughed and then sat in front of my laptop in silence for a really long time. A million thoughts crossed my mind. Initially, I was scared. There are so many, and I do mean SO many, talented cake designers out there and I just did not feel qualified. I did not want to embarrass myself nor disgrace the artistry and industry. Then, I felt an overwhelming, almost bone-throbbing, sense of gratefulness. I am so lucky. Like the feature blog post reads, I am indeed still an amateur. Everything that has happened thus far has been pure luck. Really, serendipity has been so kind to me. Ultimately, after hours of thinking, I decided to embrace the opportunity as I feared it may never come my way again. For twenty-something years I've been riding life's roller coaster with my eyes shut. I figured it was finally time to take a little peek. : )

As requested, I wanted to, and kept, the cake simple. However, to that cupful of simplicity, I added a tablespoon of retro, a teaspoon of modern, and a pinch of happy-go-lucky.

Special thanks to:
Shira for the opportunity but mostly for being her amazing-spirited self.
Sylvia G Photography for the amazing photographs.
Carrie Sellman of Half Baked for becoming a huge part of Miso Bakes' identity.
You (yes, you reading this post) for your curiosity, support and well wishes.


  1. This is a really beautiful cake! I love how the circles come up and off the top tier as well - makes me think of bubbles or being underwater. You may technically be an amateur but you rock, trust me! I love your designs!

  2. I rarely write these three letters...but...OMG!! Congratulations on a very well deserved feature!! Love this beautiful cake and I'm just smiling a huge smile thinking about this whole process for you...WOW!! Sending hugs. xo

  3. It's wonderful! How gorgeous!

  4. this. this is a gorgeous cake. it's so perfect it doesn't even look real. amazing.

  5. Congratulations on a beautiful cake and well deserved feature Miso! Such a milestone in your career and will forever be a highlight in your portfolio... your first feature with Martha! THE Martha!! Congrats!!

  6. Oh wow I have only just seen this and my oh my it's sooo stunning!!! I love all the clean lines and retro styling! Congrats on featuring with Martha!!