Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fruit Tarts Remind Me of Summer.

Today was one of those Sundays where I wanted to stay in bed the whole day. I have had insomnia for the past several months now, and well, let's just say last night seemed unending and felt a bit daunting.

The slight breeze coming through my window, the distant sound of several lawn mowers busy at work, and the scent of freshly cut grass, all felt so comforting. I smiled as I pulled my covers up to my nose. I love it when the cold air gently caresses my cheeks while my body is warm and toasty under the sheets.

A few hours later, I was at the grocery store to grab a quart of milk. I briskly walked past the produce aisle only to take a few steps back to re-read the '2 for $5' sign posted next to the berries.

2 for $5. That got me thinking.

Did I want to macerate the berries in syrup spiked with a bit of booze to devour with angel food cake?
Or, did I want to make a warm fruit sauce to drizzle over a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream?


I wanted more color.
After mumbling to myself for a few more minutes, I settled with making a fruit tart.

I quickly grabbed a pint of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, gold raspberries, and a few kiwis. I paid and happily walked to my car until I realized I forgot the milk. Oh yea. The reason why I was at the store in the first place. Sigh.

I will probably pick up more berries tomorrow. You should, too. They are at their peak and are abundant. I buy several pints, spread them on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper, freeze them, and later transfer them to ziploc bags. They make great smoothies, fruit sauces, additions to muffin batter, etc. Sometimes, I just like to eat them by themselves, like frozen grapes. : )

Anyways, three hours later, I had this:

(To make tart you will need a baked tart shell, pastry cream, and fruits.)

Fruit ready to be assembled on top of a bed of pastry cream.

I love black and green together. 

So colorful. This picture makes me happy!

Though we learned otherwise in culinary school, I love my tarts piled high with fruits. 

I didn't bother to brush the tops with nappage (or strained apricot jam) this time.

As you can tell, I'm a crust person. I like my crusts thick.

So, my adventure today started at the grocery store where I was only supposed to buy milk, and concluded with a huge slice of fruit tart accompanied with a glass of dessert wine.

I hope everyone has a great night (or day)! Happy colorful eating! : ) 

PS. Summer's almost here! For some odd reason, fruit tarts remind me of Summer. 

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