Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! : ) I hope all you mommys out there have a blessed day!

This year, instead of buying my mom the usual bouquet of flowers, I decided to make her a flower pot cake and cupcakes decorated with edible buttercream roses. (I think this would also be a cute cake for a tea party!)

It all started when I went to our local craft store and saw these tiny 2-inch flower pots. I oohed and awwed over them for a few moments and decided they were so cute that I was going to buy a few. My original plan was to plant seeds in them (herbs to be exact), but that never happened because I realized they were the perfect size for cupcakes (I am sure someone with a brilliant mind has already thought of this before.)! I decided to make a momma cake along with these baby cupcakes.

To make the flower pot cake and cupcakes: 

You will need:

- 1.5 batches of Swiss Meringue Buttercream
- 3 6-inch cakes (though only 2 are shown)
- 5 cupcakes and 5 2-inch flower pots

For the cupcakes, bake the cupcakes and place them in the pot! Simple, right?

I made the buttercream, reserved a good amount of white for the flowers, and tinted the remaining a terra-cotta color using bronze, orange, and brown food color gel.

In terms of the cake, you will want a dense cake, so if your cake usually bakes light and fluffy, reduce the amount of oil the recipe calls for.

You will also need to cut out three circles out of cardstock (gradually decreasing in size by a quarter inch or so.) If you want to keep the top of your pot at 6-inches, that is perfectly fine-- you will only need two circles then.

 Using a serrated knife, carve the cake. Try to keep the knife as straight as possible. The cake will be easier to carve and you will have a lot less crumbs if chilled. Reserve the scraps in a bowl.

Start building the cake. Center the smallest cake on your serving plate or cake stand. Line the bottom with strips of parchment paper so the plate stays clean and buttercream-free.

Start sandwiching the layers with buttercream. I use an ice cream scoop so I have an even layer of buttercream. For this cake, you want to add a little more buttercream to the bigger layers.

This is what the cake should look like. You may carve and even the sides of the cake if its a bit misformed. Though it does not look like it, the cake stood a little over 8 inches tall. In most cases, I would have doweled the cake at 4-inches (in this case, after the 3rd layer) and have added a cake board for extra support, but I felt it wasn't needed this time.

Fully coat the cake with buttercream. The top does not have to be perfectly smooth as it will be covered in crumbs and leaves.

Using the smooth side of the basketweave tip (Ateco #48), pipe three lines around the top rim of the cake. Pipe one more layer of buttercream (so that it is thick), and smooth using an offset spatula.

Mix the reserved cake scraps with a bit of buttercream and sprinkle it on the top of the cake, making sure to make a mound in the middle .

Mix colors for flowers and leaves. Remember that the colors will darken/develop with time, so make the colors a tad lighter than you would like. 

Pipe the center of the rose.

Pipe the petals. Make more roses, pipe leaves and you're done! : ) Spread a thin coating of buttercream onto the 'soil' so the flowers have something to stick to.

If you have any questions, please do not hestiate to ask!

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  1. loving the colors! i've "awww"-ed those mini pots SO many times too! (but never thought of using them for cupcakes---genius.)

  2. great entry and beautiful end product!!