Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring's Almost Here.

So here I am, sitting around with a mug of green tea, with Christmas socks on my feet, and with ever so slightly flushed cheeks from drinking a glass of somewhat flat dessert wine. (I'm thinking of making Jello with what's left over.) My cold is long gone, and I am giddy.

I was excited to hear that Spring was to return six weeks earlier this year, but the once warm California weather changed its mind and capped the mountains with snow this past weekend. In the early mornings, cheerful Blue Jays beckon me to join them in the deceiving sunlight. I excitedly take a step outside only to have the chill softly caresses my puffy cheeks.

Sigh. It'll come before I know it.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy the colorful roses that have blossomed all over my Spring-themed cake. Some of the pictures were taken by Hank, some by me.

Please enjoy with your eyes only. Please do not use these pictures without permission.

UPDATE (FEBRUARY 28, 2011): For some reason, blogger washed out the colors of my pictures as they were uploading/reformatting. Please check out my Facebook page for better pictures.

Though not perfect, I was quite proud of my roses.
There were four colors: pink, peach, orange, and a really light coral.

I played around with the tiers.

Arranging the fragile sugarpaste roses is a tricky task.

Have I told you? They smell wonderful. : ) Not like roses, silly! Like sugar! 

Cannot wait for Spring!

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  1. Amazing work. You are truly talented.

  2. that cake is gorgeous. and the roses are amazing! i love the little imperfections. :)

  3. The roses look so real!

  4. What a beautiful cake. I think your roses look perfect. I love how the fully opened ones curl around the outside, like a real rose does.

  5. Um I seriously had to take a double take...your roses look real! Just beautiful!

  6. You fooled me with those roses. I could've bet they were real!